21 years owned 1990 Volkswagen Corrado track car for sale in Winchester, VA

2 liter/20 valve Turbo

This car is currently tagged as an antique vehicle and is fully-insured and 100% legal to drive on the street in Virginia.
—your mileage may vary in your state :)

$10,000 OBO

Sorry, no trades.

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I purchased this 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 from the second owner in 1998. The car has a clean Virginia title and has never been in an accident, however it was repainted in 1999 due to fading paint. For the past twenty-one years I have stored this car in my climate-controlled shop, transported in an enclosed trailer to and from track events and has no rust anywhere. It has only been in the rain four or five times since 2002.

109,195 street miles from 1990-2001
1,100 track miles from 2005-18.

In 2001, I began the process of converting it to a full-time track car. The car had 109,195 miles on it when the transformation began, and it has accumulated approximately 1,100 miles since it's completion in 2005 verifiable with both the original cluster and the AutoMeter speedometer. NASA logbooks from 2005-2008 detail where I raced in the German Touring Car Series with NASA Mid Atlantic and NASA Northeast at Virginia International Raceway, Watkins Glen and my home track, Summit Point. The car was retired from competition and continued on as a personal track car over the years instructing with TrackDaze and NASA events. The car was recently tagged an antique in Virginia (May 2018) and is now an occasional Sunday driver. Since 2005 the car has never sat for longer than 3 months without being started and brought up to operating temperature. There are no leaks, no rust and no real issues with this well-sorted car. There are some extremely rare, very expensive and period-correct parts used in this build.

It is powered by a 2-liter, 20 valve turbocharged engine mated to a 5-speed transmission with a limited slip differential. The 9A engine block and crank were obtained from a German-built 1992 VW GTI 2.0 16v GTI. The AEB large port cylinder head casting was originally from an Audi A4. The car weighs 2,160 pounds as raced. Watch a video of it on VIR full course in 2010 running around a 2:16 lap.

  • Race Fuel: VP C16 Leaded / Sunoco Standard 110 Leaded
  • Street Fuel: Sunoco SS100 with non-ethanol 93 octane blend
  • Oil: Joe Gibbs Driven XP3 Synthetic Racing Motor Oil
  • Transmission: Red Line MT-90
  • Coolant: Distilled water or Volkswagen OEM coolant
  • Brake: ATE Super Blue or Motul 600

Turbo pressure is managed by the wastegate spring. The engine management was tuned to 9 pounds of boost and this car has never seen a manual boost controller. Even at only 9 pounds of boost, testing proved manageable wheel spin on track-out, so I never pushed it any further during the initial tuning. Once the completed car was weighed I was over the power-to-weight ratio to stay in my competitive race class so additional ballast weight had to be added back into the car, so I have never sought to add any more power. I believe this iron long block is built to handle over 450 horsepower and the head is built to spin close to 8,000 RPM. I shift at 6,500 RPM. The car makes approximately 280 horsepower to the wheels and 260-pound feet of torque depending on the dyno and the atmospheric conditions. The engine oil and filter are changed after every event regardless of mileage. Coolant and brake fluid is changed yearly.

While this car is mechanically in ready-to-race condition, the car is not without cosmetic flaws. The most significant damage to the car can be seen on the bottom of the driver's door. There is a great story behind this dent and I'll never fix it because it means more to me as a memory of that particular day at VIR but it can be repaired.


  • The custom engine was designed, machined and assembled by Jim Justice of Justice Racing Engines in Frederick, Maryland
  • Fabrication by AR Fab, Winchester, Virginia
  • Tuned by Howard Anderson of AR Fab and Devon Pearce, an engineer tech at AEM

Engine management

For those scratching their heads... the engine management thinks it’s a Honda turbocharged B18.

  • AEM 1040 standalone with 60-2 crank wheel synced to factory camshaft sensor
  • Mitsubishi 4g63 ignition module
  • MSD DIS-4 PLUS high output distributor less ignition
  • Honda CBR 900 coils with NGK plugs
  • Honda OEM three bar map sensor
  • AEM Wideband O2 sensor
  • GE billet aluminum vacuum manifold

Engine long block

  • Polished and balanced long block assembly
  • Volkswagen 9A 2.0-liter German block (sourced from 2.0 16v GTI)
  • Pauter rods with factory installed ARP rod bolts
  • ARP main studs
  • Raceware head studs
  • CP coated pistons
  • Schrick oil pan
  • OEM oil pump
  • Cometic head gasket
  • Crank case ventilation with aluminum catch can
  • External oil cooler
  • OEM alternator
  • OEM power steering rack
  • Golf GTI 16v power steering brackets and pump
  • Billet aluminum solid front engine mount / OEM rear and transmission mounts

Engine cylinder head

  • Audi 20 valve AEB (large port) cylinder head blueprinted and polished
  • Ferrea replacement valves complete with titanium retainers, dual springs, seat locators and valve locks
  • Dahlback Racing equal pressure x4 intake manifold with composite heat spacer
  • Edelbrock (Integra Type R) large bore throttle body with TPS sensor
  • OEM Audi A4 1.8T cams

Fuel system

  • ATL Racing 15-gallon FIA sports cell
  • Porsche 911 Turbo Bosch fuel pump
  • Braided stainless steel feed and return lines with AN fittings
  • Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
  • ATP billet fuel rail
  • RC Engineering 650cc Injectors
  • Aluminum sheet metal firewall with trapdoor fueling provision in hatch


(There are no plastic fittings or hose clamps in the cooling system)

  • C&R racing Nissan SR20DET aluminum radiator with AN fittings
  • Modified VW water pump with AN fittings
  • Custom AN fitting Cylinder head coolant adapter plate
  • C&R aluminum pressure tank with Moroso overflow
  • Electric fan
  • 180 thermostat
  • AN-fitted stainless steel braided coolant lines with custom aluminum engine plates


  • ATP T3 20 valve cast turbo manifold
  • Garrett GT 3071R water and oil cooled ball bearing turbo with ceramic coating
  • PWR air to air intercooler
  • Aluminum mandrel charge piping
  • Dual EGT with highest signal displayed by Autometer interface to single gauge
  • Tial wastegate with external dump
  • Tial blow off valve (atmosphere vented)
  • AN-fitted coolant and oil lines
  • 3-inch down-pipe
  • 3-inch exhaust terminated at rear axle with turndown suppressed by Borla stainless muffler


  • Rebuilt transmission including new synchros (Work performed by Chris Tyson)
  • Bildon Motorsport designed Kaaz clutch-based limited slip differential
  • Rebuilt OEM axles
  • Clutch Masters 17036-HDCL FX400: Sprung Ceramic Clutch

Body and interior

  • 4130 Chromoly TIG welded 6-point cage
  • Minimal interior including European-sourced solid black door panels
  • OEM European manual roll up window conversion (sourced from UK)
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Hella OEM European glass-front headlights / H1-H3 bulbs
  • Hella glass fog lights
  • Corbeau Forza driver and passenger seats (June 2018)
  • Bray Krauss FIA seat back brace (driver only)
  • Sparco seat mounting brackets
  • 6-point Sabelt harness driver
  • 6-point Sparco harness passenger
  • I/O Port wide-angle cage mounted rear view mirror
  • I/O Port camera mount
  • Sunroof plate permanently installed
  • Aluminum foot pedals modified for heel/toe accessibility
  • Sparco aluminum/stainless steel hood pins
  • OEM factory glass (windshield replaced in 2002)
  • Doors, hatch and glove box lock with original key
  • Front and rear crash bumpers intact
  • BSCI FIA compliant roll-bar compression pads for driver
  • SFI rated window net
  • All insulation removed
  • GTI dimpled golf ball shift knob
  • OEM tilt steering column with lock cylinder disabled


  • Battery (replaced May 2016)
  • Complete chassis and engine rewired using Painless Wiring aftermarket kit with standard fuse panel and switch panel
  • Main power cut-off switch (driver and safety crew accessible)
  • Autometer Pro-Comp Ultralight gauge set mounted in carbon fiber dash panel (water temperature, oil pressure, boost, dual EGT, 10,000 RPM tachometer with memory, speedometer 160 mph, shift light and warning light for EGT)
  • Windshield wipers controlled by factory stalk
  • Turn signals controlled by factory stalk
  • Horn
  • Brake lights including third brake light
  • Parking lights, headlights, high and low beam controlled by factory stalk

Suspension and wheels

  • Bilstein B16 (PSS9) threaded body fully adjustable compression/rebound strut/shocks with custom H&R progressive rate dual springs
  • Autotech front and rear sway-bars
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Autotech front and rear polished aluminum upper strut bars
  • VR6 strut bearings
  • Corrado G60 OEM hubs
  • 15x8 et20 4x100 57mm hub TR Motorsport C1 race wheels in bright silver with shaved Toyo 225-45-15 RA-1s


  • ABS disabled (non-ABS OEM brake booster and master cylinder installed)
  • Audi S4 front dual piston calipers with stainless steel brake lines
  • MK4 rear calipers
  • Volkswagen blank rotors
  • ATE Super Blue fluid
  • Performance Friction or Hawk Blue brake pads

Extra parts

  • Rieger GTX front bumper (slightly damaged but repairable)
  • 9A 2.0 Liter VW block
  • Corrado OEM steering wheel (original to this car)
  • Corrado OEM cluster (original to this car showing 109,195 miles)
  • Corrado OEM 02A ATA transmission differential (original to this car)
  • Corrado OEM 8v aluminum valve cover (original to this car)
  • Corrado OEM front brake calipers with carriers and stainless-steel lines and pads
  • Corrado OEM tie rods (New)
  • Audi 1.8T coils
  • Ground Control aluminum camber plates for A2/A3/Corrado (New)
  • ARP VW 4-cylinder rod bolts (New in package)
  • Audi 1.8T head gasket set
  • Various used sets of brake pads from Performance Friction/Hawk
  • VW GTI 16 Valve rod and piston set with ARP rod bolts installed
  • Bildon Motorsports rear camber shims
  • M3 style side skirts for Corrado ABS (New)


  • Kukko German factory tools for trans differential assembly with VW special tool bearing race puller
  • H&R coil over wrenches
  • Volkswagen strut sockets
  • Bentley manuals for A2 GTI, Corrado and Scirocco/Rabbit GTI


  • Complete set of receipts and documentation for products installed
  • NASA Race logbook
  • Notes on complete build including wiring diagrams and set-up notes


click each photo to enlarge

front left
front center
front right
rear left
rear center
rear right
fuel cell
door panel install
door panel left
door panel right
rear with bumper removed
front with bumper cover removed
Summit Point Raceway
fitting wheels

What does it need?

Actually, nothing. Register for a track day and go have fun. But racecars are never "finished" but that being said the headlights could be relayed so they could use the full battery power instead of running through the painless wiring switch. The headlights are European glass with H bulbs so they are capable of being extremely bright. The tires are nearing the end of their life and could be replaced for better performance in the future but I had no issues with them on October 2019 at Summit Point. While the brake lights, parking lights, turn signals/hazard lights and headlights function, the front fog lights and bumper side marker lights are not wired up. The exhaust terminates right at the rear axle — a full rear exit exhaust with the external wastegate dump plumbed into the downpipe would make the car a lot more street friendly. The 02A shifter cables are beginning to get sloppy. An 02J VW Polo shifter box conversion with MK4 cables would be a cost effective addition that would retain the existing 02A built transmission.

Recent service

Coolant flush, brake fluid flush and oil change in October 2019. Brake pads measure roughly 6mm. Fuel cell holds approx. 12 gallons of fresh SS100.

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